Which Coffee Shops Do Coffee Subscriptions?

Coffee subscription = consistently great coffee at home, all year round. 

It’s a big step to commit to one brand so you’ll want to find a like-minded roaster that can really fulfil your coffee needs, be flexible and regularly spice it up with delicious guest blends…

We’ve done a bit of research into which coffee shops offer coffee subscriptions, and it turns out we’re pretty unique. 

We found some of the big high street names starting to offer subscription services, and also a bunch of great online-only coffee retailers offering subscriptions.

But there’s very few independent coffee roasters who you can both enjoy coffee in their shop and get their coffee delivered to your door, like 200 Degrees.

So, if you’ve been into one of our shops recently and thought ‘I wish I could drink coffee this good at home’ - check out our subscription service. 

200 Degrees Coffee Subscriptions

As a roast-house and independent coffee shop, we have 20 different shops in the UK. 

We created our subscription service because we want everyone to have the option of getting consistently great coffee beans delivered to their doors.

So whether you’re a regular of one of our coffee shops or a 200 newcomer, our coffee subscription lets you enjoy 200 Degrees wherever you are. At our place. At yours. At your friends. At work. On holiday. In Antarctica (no, really). And if you want to get the whole office involved, get it delivered at work too. 

How does it work?

It’s easy. Get a 250g bag or 1kg bag delivered once a month, once a fortnight or weekly. 

You choose whether you want the coffee delivered as whole beans or ground and - depending on how you make your coffee and what equipment you use - we can grind it for cafetiere, espresso or filter. We’ll also give you helpful advice on brewing equipment and methods for each roast.

When it comes to the actual coffee, there are 4 different roasts to pick from. Pledge allegiance to your favourite beans, or discover something new:

Brazilian Love Affair

If you enjoy the coffee we serve in our shops, go for Brazilian Love Affair, our signature espresso blend. It’s our house espresso blend for a reason. 

La Nina De Guatemala 

La Nina De Guatemala is a beautiful blend created with home brew in mind. Sweet and lemony, soft and caramel-y. It’s a great consistent filter option. 

Mellowship Slinky Decaf

If you want all the flavour without the caffeine hit, our decaf blend is like no other. Decaffeinated without chemicals, think creamy, sweet citrus and maple syrup. 

Discovery Subscription

For the adventurous coffee drinker, our Discovery Subscription lets you tap into the world of coffee and receive a mystery bag of single origin coffee.

If you’re still not sure what to go for, come down to one of our coffee shops for a brew or get in touch. We’ll match you up with the best coffee based on your flavour preferences. 

Coffee gift subscriptions

If you don’t like the coffee at your parent’s house, or have a friend who’s “really been getting into coffee” - our coffee subscription gift voucher makes a great gift. We also do a rather nice coffee gift box bundle.

200 Degrees Coffee Subscription

Contents: 1 x 250g or 1kg bag 

Subscription Frequency: once a week, once a fortnight or once a month

Whole Beans or ground? both 

Letterbox friendly delivery? yes

Gifting options: definitely  

Cancellation options: anytime

Number of UK coffee shops: 17 and counting