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A Coffee Gift Guide for Mothers Day

For all mums who like coffee and coffee-related things.  Surprise her with a Pod Machine No grinding beans, no fussing... Read more

Bean Mine: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Some gift ideas for anyone looking to say ‘I love you’ to their favourite coffee person... Read more

The Best Sage Coffee Machines for Home: Every Machine Explained

In our opinion, Sage makes the best home coffee machines. Here at 200 Degrees, even our Head Roaster has a... Read more

The Best Non-Dairy Milk for Coffee

 Alex Spampinato spills the beans on the best milk alternatives for coffee… When it comes to making a great cup... Read more

What are coffee logs?

 Coffee logs are an alternative to firewood - but created from coffee. Like most things to do with coffee, they... Read more

Christmas Presents for Coffee Lovers

Festive blends, fresh merch & all things coffee Whether you’re shopping for a classic coffee lover or after some good... Read more

Introducing Coffee Pods

Freshly roasted 200 Degrees coffee - pod style.  In a 200 Degrees first, we’ve launched Nespresso® compatible coffee pods. Here’s... Read more

Our New Coffee Packaging

 We tell you about our new bags & latest packaging choices.  Exciting things have been happening at 200 Degrees this... Read more

Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee

Around here, two drinks keep us going every summer: iced coffee and cold brew.  Even if it’s pouring with rain,... Read more

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