Introducing 200 Degrees’ fully automated customer-facing coffee machine. It’s our great coffee, wherever and whenever
you want it, no barista required. What’s more, there’s no charge to you - we will essentially GIVE you money to host one in your space. 

No upfront cost, free to install

No upfront cost, free to install

We make the coffee, you make the money

We make the coffee, you make the money

Same coffee as served in our shops

Same coffee as served in our shops

Drink better coffee

If you want to provide great coffee to your staff, clients or customers without a massive outlay, we’ve got the solution that is ready to roll. With our Coffee 2GO machine, everything the user needs to access great coffee is right there on the interface, which is sleek and simple to use. Using our much-loved Brazilian Love Affair beans and fresh milk (none of your powdered nonsense here), the machine is so easy to maintain; just plug and play! 

The obvious choice

Why a 200 Degrees Coffee 2GO machine just makes sense…

small but mighty

We’ve designed this machine to fit in spaces which could deliver a superior customer experience by providing easy access to better coffee: Staff areas, hotel foyers, student accommodation etc.

clever not complicated

Using touch-screen and
contactless payment, it’s a breeze for customers to operate. Products can be updated in seconds, and the machine will let you know when it is empty, and when it needs cleaning. 

Complete care

We deliver and install the coffee unit, complete with full warranty and annual preventative maintenance. We also provide regular deliveries of ingredients to ensure you never run out of the good stuff.

So how much is all this going to cost you?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. 200 Degrees will happily come and install a high-spec quality coffee machine, and teach you how to use it, at no upfront cost. And with a well-placed unit in a high-footfall area, selling as little as 20 cups of coffee a day can make you a tidy profit with very little effort.

See our handy graphic below for an idea of just how profitable a 200 Degrees Coffee 2GO machine could be for you.