We’re on a journey to make our customers lives easier, reduce our environmental impact with digital solutions, and keep you smiling with relevant and timely offers and services. Simple.


Earn - 5% back in points on everything brought in store

Payment – Add an (optional) payment card

Offers – Get personalised offers and services. You'll also get 100 free points when you register.


In just a few minutes you'll be ready to go!

Got a Question?


Q) How long does it take to register for the app?
A) A few minutes. Best to do it out the queue

Q) Can I use the app without registering?
A) You will have to register your basic personal information to use the app.


Q) Can I move my stamp card stamps to my app?
A) No but you can choose if you use the stamp card or the app to collect rewards.

Q) When will the stamp cards stop working?
A) They’ll stay for the foreseeable future; we don’t currently have any end date for the stamp cards.

Q) I haven't got my app working; can I have a receipt and add my points?
A) We can't issue points after your transactions complete (we're working on that), but we will still give you a stamp card for any drinks you've purchased.

Q) After purchase how long does it take to update?
A) A few minutes

Q) Can people merge points?
A) We don’t have a way of merging peoples points at the moment.

Q) Where can I use the app?
A) Any 200 Degrees shop


Q) How long are the points valid?
A) Forever or until we advise otherwise

Q) How can I spend my points?
A) You can spend them in multiples of £2 on anything that can be processed through the tills. A transaction has to be for £2.00 or more.

Q) Can I buy a barista course, vouchers, retail coffee or equipment?
A) Yes, these can be purchased in store which means you can use your points.


Q) Do I have to add a payment card?
A) No, there’s no need to add a card.

Q) Can I add more than one payment card?
A) Not at the moment but we’re working on adding more cards in the future.


Q) You've decided you want to close your account?
A) No problem, simply pop your details on this form, selecting 'Mobile app' and let us know you want to close your account. Don't forget to include the email you registered your account to, and your full name so we can identify you.

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