How to store your coffee correctly

Here at 200 Degrees, we’re committed to helping you drink better coffee. We roast you the finest beans from around the world, we teach you how to brew them in our Barista Classes – but what about storage, we hear you cry? By learning how to store your coffee correctly, you can preserve the freshness of your beans for longer to get the best out of your bag.

Our top tips:

1. Coffee should be consumed within one month of its roast date – all our coffee bags have the roast date printed on the bottom. If you buy a bag of beans from us, it’ll always have been roasted within the last 7 days.

2. To keep your coffee fresher for longer, it is essential that it is stored properly. Once you’ve opened the bag, keep your beans in an opaque, airtight container. That’s because exposure to sunlight and oxygen causes the chemical compounds that make your beans so tasty to break down.

3. MYTH BUSTER! Don’t store your beans in the fridge. While warmer temperatures are definitely another coffee-killer, your beans don’t require arctic conditions, and the moisture in a fridge is way more harmful to your precious coffee! Keeping them on the kitchen counter or cupboard shelf in a proper container is fine.

It’s worth investing in a proper canister for your beans, and it’ll more than pay for itself when you don’t have to bin any stale coffee (*shudder*) before you’ve reached the end of the bag. With the launch of our latest merch range, we’ve got a couple of stylish solutions that are up to the task of keeping your coffee fresh, while also looking good on your shelves.

Airscape Coffee Canister
The Airscape canister features a vacuum-seal lid and a one-way valve which sucks all the air out to keep the contents inside fresh for longer.

Fellow Coffee Canister
The Fellow Canister features an airtight seal: once the lid is on, twist the mechanism on the top to remove the air. Then when you want to open it again, press the button to release the pressure.