200 degrees barista making coffee


Looking for an activity to make your team-building away day more “Ooooh!” than “Ughhh”? Raise the stakes and add a bespoke barista class to your schedule – it’s way better than paintballing. Your team will learn a useful skill, enjoy some great coffee and there’s definitely less bruises all round.

We can tailor the session to suit you and your team, over the course of 90 minutes or two hours.

Here's an idea of what you could learn:

How to ''cup'' a coffee

Get an intro to how you properly taste-test a coffee, with insights into what makes coffee taste different. Can you guess the country of origin in a blind tasting?!

How to steam milk & create latte art

Became a wizard of the steam wand, and see who is the best at getting the perfect texture for creating some of the basic latte art patterns. Then put your skills to test with a latte art ‘throw down’ to crown a winner.

How to make an espresso

Learn the science to “dialling in” and the perfect extraction for making espresso on a machine. Go head-to-head within your team to see who can master it the quickest.


We can host you at any of our seven barista schools across the country: Nottingham, Lincoln, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Chester, Cardiff. In addition, you can also hire out the space around your session for the full day, for meetings. We can even provide lunch, and of course, coffee.

Prices start from £30 per person.