Our Story

Some time, several years ago, two bar owners wanted to serve the best possible cup of coffee to their customers. Thus began a search, that started a journey, which became an obsession, and lead to three men being alone in the corner of a garage (with a coffee roaster) until finally, in 2012, they created 200 Degrees Coffee and decided to show it to the world, starting with Nottingham.

That was the beginning and there are now twenty 200 Degrees coffee shops and seven barista schools in the UK as well as hundreds of happy wholesale and business customers enjoying our ‘beans and machines’.

So why did we call ourselves 200 DEGREES? It’s because we roast our coffee a slightly lower temperature than normal of 200 degrees centigrade that yields it’s smoother, deeper taste. We then serve our coffee at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so it made sense to us.

Like lots of people, we are passionate about coffee and whilst we're sure there are more important things in life, we just can't think of any. We spend all day roasting, making, drinking and talking about ‘coffee coffee coffee coffee’ but we also understand that the perfect cup of coffee is not just about taste or even about what’s in the cup, it’s about doing everything the right way. We aim to be a company with high standards in everything we do and that applies to our coffee, our shops, our service and the way we treat people, including our suppliers.

Enjoy your cup.