Bean Mine: A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

It's Valentine's Day on Wednesday 14th February, and whether you're coupled up or a single pringle that doesn't want to mingle, everyone could do with a present on a cold, dark damp midweek day in February, regardless of their relationship status.

Here's the best gifts to give your loved one, or yourself. 


bag of 200 degrees signature house beans

Keep it simple, and treat them to 250g of the stuff they love.  

Brazilian Love Affair” is our classic espresso blend and an obvious choice for Valentine's Day. It’s bold, full-bodied, with tasting notes of chocolate, caramel & hazelnut. 

We also have a range of other coffees to choose from - all freshly roasted, all delicious. 

Add an element of personalisation by selecting how you’d like the coffee to arrive; whole beans or ground for espresso, filter, cafetiere (french press) or Aeropress, depending on how they make their brews.


200 degrees brazilian love affair coffee pods

If they’re espresso-ively fond of coffee pods, we do those too

All our pods are Nespresso compatible and available in three blends: House Espresso Coffee Pods (our Brazilian Love Affair roast), Mellowship Slinky Decaf Pods and Switch Up Charity Coffee Pods 

They come in packs of 10, 30, 60 or 120. 


shop window for 200 degrees barista school

It’s the perfect excuse for a date. 

Take them on a memorable coffee making experience where our coffee gurus will teach you how to make better coffee at home or create latte art like a seasoned barista. 

We run various courses around the UK in 7 locations. Find out more about our Barista Courses.


Think you've given all the coffee-themed gifts you can? Bet you haven't tried giving one of our exclusive ceramic V60s, or one of our super snazzy branded canisters yet. Our merch range is guaranteed to be something a little bit different for the coffee lover in your life.  


A thoughtful gesture for anyone who appreciates good coffee, over and over again.

Our subscription service allows you to choose between a 250g or 1kg bag of coffee beans (arriving ground or whole), or a pack of 30,60 or 120 coffee pods. They can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly or  monthly, arriving in convenient letterbox-friendly packaging. 

All you’ll need to do is pick a blend. Maybe you want to spice things up with surprise guest blends from our Discovery Subscription, or go for one of our other options: Mellowship Slinky DecafBrazilian Love Affair and Switch Up Charity Coffee.

Find out more about our coffee subscription services for beans and pods.  


Spoil them with Sage.

These guys make high-quality home coffee machines for coffee drinkers at all skill levels. What's more, our current range of machines have up to £300 off. We'll even throw in a FREE 1kg bag of our signature espresso blend Brazilian Love Affair coffee beans to get things brewing right away.




coffee pod machine with free pods

If they spend more time making coffee and not enough time with you, consider a pod machine. It’s the gift for fast, convenient coffee. 

We supply two brilliant Original Nespresso compatible machines: the OPAL One and Morning Coffee pod machines.  

Both come with 30 FREE Brazilian Love Affair Pods (our signature espresso blend).  


hand holding a 200 degrees gift voucher

A token of your love.

From cash to spend in one of our coffee shops (enjoy a coffee with someone special), through to courses and subscription gifts - we’ve a good selection of gift cards to choose from. They’ll be sent in the post either to you or directly to the receiver. 


If you’ve left it a bit late, our e-gift vouchers will instantly put an end to gift-anxiety sweats. 

Immediately arriving in your inbox, we’ve got e-vouchers available for Barista Courses & more