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Clothing Shop 'Expression Project's' Pop-up launch

Ashliia Williams is 27 and from Nottingham. Her new clothing label is called Expression Project and we sat her down... Read more

Coffee Heaven in the White Rabbit Tearooms

COFFEE HEAVEN IN THE WHITE RABBIT TEAROOMS I’m excited.  I’m off to the White Rabbit Tea (and now coffee) house... Read more

Voltz & 200 - an electric duo

I’ve been meaning to meet Lee, co-founder of Voltz Bikes on Mansfield Road in Blidworth, Nottingham, for some time, but... Read more

Coffee Roasting Q&A With Head Roaster Mike Steele

A ROASTING Q&A WITH OUR HEAD ROASTER, MIKE STEELE: "I've been roasting with 200 Degrees for 5 years; before that... Read more

What Have Apples & Elephants got to do with Coffee Microlots?

Whilst in a store recently I overheard a customer asking what a “microlot” is, labelled on the front of (one)... Read more

Barista training with Graham Hepburn

IMPORTANCE OF BARISTA TRAINING With Graham Hepburn  I’m Graham Hepburn, Head of Coffee for 200 Degrees Coffee and have worked... Read more

Why drink better coffee

Author: Harriet  I’ve always been a very keen coffee drinker Since I started in the working world, I have always... Read more

Our Home on Historic Sincil Street, Lincoln

A HISTORY OF 34-35 SINCIL STREET, CORNHILL QUARTER, LINCOLN Grab a coffee and let us walk you through 200 years.... Read more

7 Tips for Better Coffee Brewing at Home

Coffee lovers looking to recreate their favourite coffee shop quality brew in the comfort of their homes can look to... Read more

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