Beginner Barista Course

£85.00 per person

Making Great Coffee

If you’ve never made a coffee on an espresso machine before, then this class is for you. It’s a great place to start for those with a new machine at home, for anyone about to start on their professional barista journey, or if you’re just curious.  

This class will cover the basics. We’ll start with an overview of the world of coffee growing, understanding origin, processing techniques and how this impacts taste.

Then the practical stuff begins. You'll learn:

  • What ‘dialling in’ means, and how to dial in a grinder in order to produce a good quality espresso
  • How to steam milk/alternative milks to add to your espresso and create a latte, cappuccino or flat white, and what the difference is between those three
  • The basics of latte art

Price: £85 Per person
Duration: 3 Hours
Max Class Size: 8 People
Additional Perks: A free bag of beans to take away, and access to some exclusive discounts

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Not the course for you?

We offer a range of courses for all levels and abilities;

Intermediate Barista
Machine-free Home Brewing 
Latte Art
Team Building 

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  • 8th September - 10am
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