No More Socks: The 200 Degrees Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

It’s a fact – no functioning parent can get through the day without caffeine in some form. It’s how they stay alert enough to ensure their kids don’t run into traffic or upend a whole carton of yoghurt on the living room carpet. And if they’re not using caffeine, then they must have superhuman powers - there’s simply no other explanation.

So, if you have a normal human Dad (or a special Dad-like stand-in) who enjoys coffee as their caffeine hit of choice, picking them a present from our Father’s Day gift guide is a smart choice. And fine, we’ve even got decaf options for those superhumans, so everyone can enjoy a better cup of coffee.

Take a look at the various ways you can say thank you to your Dad with this handy Father’s Day gift guide, guaranteed to get you in the good books on Sunday 16th June 2024.


200 degrees coffee gift boxes for father's day

What’s better than one bag of coffee? Three bags of coffee! And if it’s snazzily presented in a lovely gift box too, then you’re onto a winner. You can choose to send your Dad one of our four gift boxes, with either our House Blend, Guest Beans, Switch-Up Charity Coffee or a mix of all our house blend options.

That should keep them fuelled and functioning for a while!

Grab your Dad a gift box here.


200 degrees barista school shop window with embossed gold writing

Spend some quality time with your Dad and brush up those barista skills with one of our dedicated courses. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a coffee novice, or a smooth operator with a group handle (oo-er), we’ve got courses to suit every level.

We’re now the proud operator of seven barista schools across the country, so check out the locations below and book a session to suit you.

Find out more about our Barista Courses here. 


A box of 200 Degrees house coffee pods

If Dad already drinks his coffee from a pod machine, keep his supply well-stocked with a blend he's bound to appreciate:

All our pods are Nespresso compatible and come in packs of 10, 30, 60 or 120. 

And to make sure he really never runs out, you might even treat him to monthly delivery with a coffee pod subscription


If you want to stay in your Dad’s good books for even longer, consider buying him a Coffee Subscription gift voucher. You can select to pay for a three, six or 12-month subscription and your Dad can activate it online using the code that comes when you purchase the voucher. Easy peasy, and they’ll think of you every time that new bag of coffee hits the door mat.

Get your subscription voucher here.


Dads love merch, right? And if our Dads are anything to go by, they particularly love merch that keeps them looking hip and “down with the kids”. So if coffee’s his thing, he can show his devotion to 200 by buying one of our iconic black flame t-shirts. We can’t promise he’ll look as cool as our Graham in the picture, but he’s one step closer.


You can find our latest merch here.


Sage coffee machines

If your Dad deserves an extra-special gift this year (maybe you need to butter him up before you ask for a massive favour?) then have a browse of our machines. There’s everything from pod machines for those who prefer coffee at the touch of the button, right up to fancy all-bells-and-whistles machines for the avid coffee aficionado.

Plus with every Sage Machine ordered online, you'll receive a 1kg bag of coffee AND a £50 e-gift voucher. Find out more about our coffee machines here.


hand holding a 200 degrees coffee gift card

If all of the above has boggled your brain or you’ve left it too late, here’s the quickest and easiest option in the gift guide: an e-gift voucher. Choose an amount, craft a thoughtful message (or don’t, we won’t judge), enter your Dad’s email address and this digital gift will wing its way to his inbox, ready for him to use online or in our shops.

Get your last minute gift here.