Intermediate Barista Course - Cardiff


Making Great Coffee Even Better


You’ve completed the basics – you know what a group handle is, you understand the mechanics of dialling in, and you’re a wiz with the steam wand. Now’s the time to push your skills a bit further, and really start getting the best out of your beans.

You'll learn:

  • How to do a cupping to properly taste-test your coffees and identify the flavours
  • How to trouble-shoot extraction issues
  • How to balance a recipe to best suit the beans of your choice
  • How to hone your latte art with further consideration of texture and temperature, and techniques for creating different patterns.

Price: £95 Per person
Duration: 3 Hours
Max Class Size: 4 People
Additional Perks: A free bag of beans to take away, and access to some exclusive discounts

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