Home Brew Course

£59.00 per person

Learn how you can easily make great coffee at home with simple equipment.

Our classes are taught by senior baristas and roasters, and they will guide you through the details of the most popular home brew kit and give as many geeky facts as your brain can take.

  • Discussion on coffee bean production processes and origins.
  • Explanation of the most accessible home brewing methods, including the Aeropress, V60 Dripper and cafetiere
  • How to choose beans for your brew methods and flavour preference.
  • Practical guidance on how to use different brew methods and create recipes for each.

The class is presented in an informal and relaxed style and aimed at both the home enthusiast who wants increase their knowledge and skills, and for those who wish to bring filter preparations to their café. You do not need any specific prior knowledge to attend and enjoy this course and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and practise your new skills.


The course last for about 2½ hours, of which 2 hours are practical.


£59 per person, including a bag of 200 Degrees coffee beans to take home and a voucher for 10% off any home brew kit.

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