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Why drink better coffee

Author: Harriet  I’ve always been a very keen coffee drinker Since I started in the working world, I have always... Read more

Our Home on Historic Sincil Street, Lincoln

A HISTORY OF 34-35 SINCIL STREET, CORNHILL QUARTER, LINCOLN Grab a coffee and let us walk you through 200 years.... Read more

Aeropress - Great Coffee Made Easy

BREWING ON AN AEROPRESS If you've got an aeropress at home already you're clearly a coffee lover.  If you haven't,... Read more

Cafetiere - Great Coffee Made Easy

BREWING IN A CAFETIERE First, find your cafetiere; it may be handily placed in a kitchen cupboard, hideen behind your... Read more

Drink Better Coffee At Home with Sage

Over the last few days we’ve been getting lots of requests for our recommendations about the best espresso and filter... Read more

V60 - Ritualistic Coffee Brewing

BREWING ON A V60 We've all seen them being used in specialist coffee shops. The barista gently and thoughtfully brews... Read more

Our most expensive coffee ever

LIMITED EDITION 01:LA CHORORA, EQUADOR We’re absolutely overjoyed to announce the first is a series of experimental roasts LIMITED EDITION 01,... Read more

200 Degrees visits the Antarctic

Our coffee does get everywhere, but this one is pretty exciting.  Imagine travelling 10,200 miles away to the depths of the... Read more

Customer Spotlight: Farm Fresh Market

Each month we will be doing a focus piece on some of our wholesale customer and hopefully giving you all... Read more

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