Drink Better Coffee At Home with Sage

Over the last few days we’ve been getting lots of requests for our recommendations about the best espresso and filter coffee machines to use at home.

Here at the Roast House everyone has a machine from Sage Appliances, not because they pay us or promote us in any way but because they’re the best machines available. Their machines are high quality, stylish and good enough even for our head roaster and “Steam Wand Steve”, so you should all love them.

Sage Barista Pro

We’ve just added the full Sage range to our web shop with discount on a selected few, and here’s a little summary of our favourites:

Sage Barista Pro: Compact, beautifully designed machine; the new intuitive interface allows for precise dosing and control of the espresso extraction, while the steam wand gives you the tools to create the perfect flat while at home. With a built-in adjustable grinder, this is the simple way to make great coffee

Sage Oracle Touch: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Touch screen interface and automated operation, but still with complete control at each stage of brewing. Commercial style 22g basket for rich espressos, auto tamping, and a clever auto-steam wand for exceptional micro-foam. We could also mention the geeky bits like PID and conical burrs, but we won’t.

Sage Oracle Touch latte art

Sage Dual Boiler: The barista’s choice. Lacking the automation and touch screens, but swapping in a dedicated steam boiler that delivers micro-foam milk texture of a quality that exceeds a lot of commercial machines. It’s a bigger machine, and requires a separate grinder, but it will reward you handsomely. It’s got PID too, if you’re bothered.

Sage Precision Brewer combo

Sage Precision Brewer and Dose Control grinder: If you prefer a filter coffee, this duo is a game-changer. The Brewer allows you to customise brew temperature, bloom time and flow rate to suit the particular coffee you’re using and extract the flavours you’re after, while the separate grinder allows you to grind your beans fresh every day. The vacuum pot will then keep your brewed coffee fresh for hours. Ideally suited to our La Nina de Guatemala blend, or any of our single origins.