Tom Vincent

I love coffee and I like to think I ‘get it’, I understand it. I don’t ‘get’ wine, but I still like wine, I think that explains something but I’m not sure exactly what.

When we started 200 Degrees, it was all about creating a product that I wanted to drink and opening a venue that I would want to spend time in. It’s a combination of science and art; great latte art really doesn’t make the coffee taste better, but the care taken to make that art probably does add to the flavour and adds something to the overall experience.

But what I really love about coffee, is that first taste. There’s a ritual to brewing it properly and then enjoying it. Normally, as soon as I’ve finished the first cup, I want another, and possibly a third.

Once we opened the first coffee shop, very quickly we could see that people enjoyed it and loved visiting it. Now, we want to take that idea and provide people all over the UK with something they enjoy drinking and visiting, it’s a simple as that really.