Rob Darby

Coffee is something that we as a nation are becoming increasingly passionate about and we set up the 200 Degrees Coffee with one particular goal, to serve great coffee and make sure that our customers left happy.

It sounds simple, but you can have a great roast, a top spec machine, but if the barista isn’t very good, the coffee won’t be any good either. And you can mix those elements up, if one thing isn’t right, then you won’t get a great cup of coffee.

It’s about bringing in talented people with high standards and working to ensure our roast house delivers perfect roasts every time. Our staff are dedicated to the bean, and we train them well and keep training them and our kit is the best available for what we do. That’s why we can serve consistently great coffee.

What I really love about coffee is that there is no part of it, even your first sip that is unpleasant. When you know how to do it, it’s relatively easy to brew a great coffee at home, follow the simple steps and it’ll be great. But, most importantly know what you like, if you like it then it’s a great coffee.