Coffee Gift Box


Treat yourself (or someone else) to a coffee gift box!

This freshly roasted box of bean is perfect for the coffee lovers in your life. 

Select Grind
Select Grind
  • Whole Bean
  • Ground for Cafetiere
  • Ground for Filter / Aeropress
  • Ground for Espresso

Three amazing bags of beans all bundled together in this gift box. It's a perfect offering for a loved one, or if you are anything like us and strongly believe in treating yourself, it's also perfect for that. 

Brazilian Love Affair

Our signature espresso blend that we serve in all our coffee shops.

Fruity cooperative Brazilian Santos combined with Colombian Arabica & Vietnamese Robusta. Medium roasted, giving a great crema & body with a real bite.


East Timor Mautilo

Taste Notes - Black Tea, Chocolate & Pepper

The Mautilo farming community was established in 2017, and 17 farmers contributed to this lot. The Hybrid De Timor variety is a natural hybrid between the typica & robusta in spotted first in 1927. In the cup, they demonstrate a sweetness, delicacy and florals associated with the typica variety (known as Arabi locally), complemented by the spicy pepper, tamarind and full-bodied characteristics.

Colombia Acevedo

Taste Notes - Toffee, Walnut & Melon

The municipality of Acevedo is better known as the strongest coffee production area in Columbia. This micro-region is characterised by its extensive use of natural shade from plantain and citrus trees to improve the growing condition of their coffee crops. The coffee farmers will also use the coffee pulp as a natural fertiliser. 

This medium roast coffee has a soft and delicate acidity and a delightfully nutty aroma.