Emma Woodcock

I’m one of the original staff here and I met Tom and Rob while running one of their bars, they liked what I was doing asked me to join in when they set up 200 Degrees. I wasn’t a coffee fan really, then Mike came on board and showed me the speciality side and all of a sudden I was really interested, hooked even.

It was then up to me to set the standards of service and presentation for the shops and I now oversee all eight venues, making sure that the atmosphere is relaxed, for the staff as well as the customers, even when it’s busy we just get on with it and make sure that everyone gets a great cup of coffee.

What is brilliant about this job is that we get to know the customers and can feedback to the roast house, and I think the coffee and food just gets better it’s because of that.

I love coffee because it isn’t just a cup of coffee, if you think about it, you can really identify the different flavours in a good roast, it’s an experience every time.