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Kii PB

Region: Ngairiama in the Gichugu division of Kirinyaga district in Central Province
Farm: Kii
Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru11
Altitude: 1700 - 1900 MASL
Process: Washed
Tasting: Blackcurrant, tomato & juicy
Roast Profile (1-5): 3

Kii is one of 3 factories, along with Kiangoi and Karimikui, which make up the Rungeto Farmers Coop Society. This coop was established in 1953 and now has around 3507 members. Each smallholder member has around a hectare of land for growing coffee alongside vegetables for the family.


Rwanda Mwito

Region: Nyamasheke District
Farm: Mwito
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1347 masl
Process: Natural
Tasting: Plum, Blood Orange & Mango
Roast Profile: 2

Rwanda is blessed with ideal coffee growing conditions that include high altitude, regular rainfall, volcanic soils with good organic structure and an abundance of Bourbon. Coffee is grown in most parts of the country, with particularly large concentrations along Lake Kivu and in the southern province. Flowering takes place between September and October and the harvest runs from March to July, with shipments starting in August through December. RTC purchased Mwito in 2017, and now in 2021 thanks for the stability and training provided by RTC the productivity and the quality of the cherries delivered have improved massively. The station seats on a large plot at the shores of Lake Kivu, and in 2019 RTC built a kindergarten school for the coffee farmers’ children. Mwito thanks to the fact that is located on large plot and the consistent climate condition during the harvest, has been able to install a substantial number of raised beds and have the potential to produce some of the best natural lots the country is capable of. All the cherries delivered daily are floated and inspected in order to remove and separate all possible defective cherries such unripe floaters and any foreign matters before being processed either as
natural or washed.

Central American

Costa Rica Cordillera Del Fuego Anaerobic

Region: Piedades Sur, San Ramón, Alajuela (West Valley)
Farm: Cordillera Del Fuego
Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1,600 - 1,750 M.A.S.L.
Process: Anaerobic Fermentation
Tasting: Pomegranate, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon
Roast Profile (1-5): 3

The unique flavours and tasting notes of the anaerobic and the ther-mic microlots come from their special processing method. It starts with handpicking very mature coffee cherries that have a Brix degree (a measurement of sugar content) near 26. Selecting the cherries when they are at their ripest allows them to have a high sugar content and thus feed both the anaerobic and thermic processes.


Indonesia Burni Telong

Region: Karang Rejo
Farm: Burni Telong
Varietal: Tim Tim and Caturra
Altitude: 1300-1600masl
Process: Wet Hulled
Tasting: Cacao, Gooseberry, Spice
Roast Profile (1-5): 3

Situated under the shadows of the Burni Telong which translates as ‘Fire Volcano’ this coffee has been curated by a local collector working out of the Sub District of Karang Rejo. Unique process to Indonesia.

The Roast Of Christmas Past

Africa - Uganda Ibanda

Region: Western Region
Farm: Ibanda
Varietal: A mixture of old varieties, and more recent introductions,SL14 and SL28
Altitude: 1400 - 2000 MASL
Process: Natural
Tasting: Strawberry, Praline, Syrup
Roast Profile (1-5): 2

Ibanda is a village in the northern part of Kasese District situated in one of the many valleys of the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. Agri Evolve established a buying centre here for the farmers of Ibanda and the surrounding communities higher up on the hillsides. Ripe, red  coffee cherries are harvested daily during the harvest season and taken to Ibanda. The cherries are weighed and assessed for quality. From here trucks carry the cherries to the coffee station where the cherries are floated and graded before being sun-dried. The cherries are turned several times each day to ensure even drying whilst allowing the cherries to mature and develop their full rich flavours.

The Roast Of Christmas Present

America - Brazil Santa Hedwirges

Region: Carmo Da Cachoeira, Sul de Minas
Farm: Santa Hedwirges
Varietal: Topazio
Altitude: 1050 MASL
Process: Natural
Tasting: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Almonds
Roast Profile (1-5): 3

Fazenda Santa Hedwirges - SH Coffees has over 90 years of history and tradition in the production of coffee. The estate is a total 2400 ha with just 1100 planted with the varietals Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai,Topázio, Arara, Rubi and Mundo Novo. The farm has a strong ethos for environmental and social production working as harmoniously as possible with the land and providing a beneficial working environment for the farm employees. They spent 4 years researching new drying technologies before finally choosing a style of static box that allows them to dry the coffee in a controlled and slow way. The coffee is mechanically harvested and then the cherry separated (green, cherry and dry). This lot was then taken to the patio drying for 19 days (sun dried). This longer time allows the coffee to continue fermenting whilst on the patio giving the more prominent fruit flavours in the cup. After drying down to 11%, the coffee is rested for 10 days before hulling and storing the coffee.

The Roast Of Christmas Future

Asia - India Cauvery

Region: Shevaroys, Tamil Nadu
Farm: Cauvery Peak
Altitude: 1500 - 1600 M.A.S.L
Process: Washed
Tasting: Toffee Apple, Soft Spice & Maple Syrup
Roast Profile (1-5): 4

Ramesh Rajah’s estate is based on the top part of the Sheveroy Hills and is not only known for high quality coffee but also for its pepper and orange production. Ramesh nurtures his coffee with great care. Its processed using the double washed wet method, carefully sun dried on patios and handpicked to bring out a
striking cup profile with mellow medium acidity and a well-rounded body of smooth sweetness with bright tones and a tinge of citrusy notes.