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Baratza design and build exceptional coffee grinders for Speciality Coffee. From the Baratza Encore ESP to the Baratza Vario+, you will be making the best coffee with the best gear. Choose from one fo our Baratza grinders, and get a FREE 1KG bag of Brazilian Love Affair.

FREE 1kg bag of our Brazilian Love Affair

FREE 1kg bag of our Brazilian Love Affair

Award winning grinders

Award winning grinders

free delivery straight to your door

free delivery straight to your door

Baratza Encore™ ESP

The Baratza Encore™ ESP is the perfect grinder for coffee enthusiasts looking to elevate their brewing game.

Optimized for precision, the Encore™ ESP delivers the grind resolution you need to brew creamy, syrupy shots of espresso. With simple turn-of-the hopper adjustments and the included dosing cup, the Encore™ ESP simplifies your espresso workflow and is a must-have tool for any coffee lover.

Baratza Sette™ 270Wi

More coffee, less waste.

The Sette™ 270Wi is the ultimate grinder for espresso setups. Enjoy creamy shots faster thanks to the Sette™ 270Wi's streamlined espresso workflow. The integrated scale offers hands-free, direct-to-portafilter dosing accurate to the tenth of a gram.

Enjoy back to back delicious shots with less steps in between!

Baratza Vario™+

The Vario™+ brings flat burr grinding to your kitchen for cafe-quality coffee in a compact package. Set and save up to three timer presets for convenient hands-free dosing into the included portafilter holder. The answer to every coffee enthusiast’s wish for performance, consistency, and cup quality.

Baratza Forté™ AP

The Forté™ AP is built for anything you can throw at it. The large ceramic flat burrs are famous for its rich, chocolatey flavour profile. Whether you prefer to grind by weight or time, this versatile grinder has you covered.

With its sleek design, durable construction, and user-friendly interface, this grinder is sure to elevate your coffee experience to new heights.