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If you've got an aeropress at home already you're clearly a coffee lover.  If you haven't, get it on your list.  They're a relatively cheap way to make great coffee at home, with a slightly scientifc edge to them. Coupled with the advice below you''ll get consistently great tasting coffee.  

Time: 4 minutes

Size: Small (250ml of water)

Number of Cups: 1 Cup


  • Aeropress
  • Teaspoon or scales
  • kettle


Coffee: 17g or 7 heaped teaspoons – medium grind

Water: 250ml of boiling water - left to cool for 1 minute


  1. Open the aeropress and add the filter cap
  2. Put the coffee into the Aeropress
  3. Slowly pour a quarter of the water into the aeropress (and enjoy the ‘bloom’)
  4. Wait for 30 seconds then stir
  5. Pour in the remaining water
  6. Brew for 2 minutes

Pour and enjoy!

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