Cafetiere - Great Coffee Made Easy

Brewing in A CaFETIERe

First, find your cafetiere; it may be handily placed in a kitchen cupboard, hideen behind your collection of holiday booze or stashed next to your redundant pasta maker. Next, make some great coffee at home.

Time: 4-5 minutes


  • Cafetiere (small or large)
  • Teaspoon or scales
  • Kettle


  • Coffee: use15g (5 heaped teaspoons) for a small caeftiere, or 40g (13 teapsoons) for a large.
  • Boiling water, left to cool for 1 minute (ideally 94°)


  1. Place the ground coffee into the cafetiere
  2. Pour in the water until full
  3. Stir briefly to ensure all coffee is saturated
  4. Brew for 3-4 minutes
  5. Push down the plunger slowly to avoid disturbing the coffee grinds.

Pour and enjoy!

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