Why drink better coffee

Author: Harriet

 I’ve always been a very keen coffee drinker

Since I started in the working world, I have always started my day with a nice French Press coffee before leaving the house. Until I started working for 200 Degrees my next coffee would probably be the instant type from the kitchen in the office. I’d then drink a ridiculous amount of coffee throughout the day trying to get the same caffeine kicks I got from my French Press that morning. I wasn’t drinking coffee because I enjoyed the taste, it was to get me through to home time.

Since I started working for 200 Degrees I’ve realised if I’m drinking good coffee, I don’t drink half as much. Quality over quantity! Drinking better coffee helps to stay alert, focused and improves your brain function.

Barista quality drinks from 20p

A barista quality drink from a bean to cup machine costs as little as 20p per cup, which is less than a tenth of what you would pay at a chain coffee shop. Plus, there’s other benefits:

  1. Your team stay on site more instead of doing the coffee run, saving their hard-earned wages
  2. You can pass this cost on with a contactless payment system.
  3. Employers realise employees benefit and deserve a good cup of coffee at work, showing how much they value their staff and their wellbeing.

In my previous job it was an ongoing joke to feed back to my colleagues what clients coffee was like, and I know I’m not alone in doing this!

Take a moment to imagine…

You’ve been trying for months to engage with your prospect, you know your product/ service would be a great solution for them, you finally get them to meet you at your office, you get them a coffee before you begin your meeting and all that’s in the office is some instant stuff you’ve bought out of the petty cash!

You’ve delivered a presentation on something that would really benefit your client, your trying to get your client to buy in to your brand and company values, where does rubbish coffee fit in to this? It probably doesn’t! Your clients and prospects are taking time out of their day to hear about what you can offer them. A good coffee will make them feel valued, set the tone of your offering and make them remember you.

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