What Have Apples & Elephants got to do with Coffee Microlots?

Whilst in a store recently I overheard a customer asking what a “microlot” is, labelled on the front of (one) of our current guest coffees the Guatemala El Bosque Microlot Sarchimor. A reasonable question, and one I thought more of you may want an answer to.


It’s always good to ask Mike our Head Roaster what the official take is. Here’s his wise words;

“A microlot is a small amount of coffee, up to 100 sacks, from a specific plot on a coffee farm. It’s usually kept as a microlot due to the high quality, limited volume and distinctive characteristics.”

For those of us, like me, needing a little more colour, it works like this. It’s a little like finding that one tree in an orchard that always bears the best fruit. There could be a hundred trees, but that one will always have the sweetest, crispest , reddest delights hanging from its branches that will make the best apple pies, snack at lunch or fruit salad on a hot day. With its quantity, uniqueness, limited volume and tasting so thirst quenchingly good you’re probably going to share the taste with those few trusted to turn this nectar into something amazing – fortunately that’s what the coffee farmers have done with for us!


100 sacks are about 6 tons, which is around about the same as a Bull African elephant – almost as rare as the elephants themselves, of which there is only 400,000 remaining, placing them on the endangered species list according to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Fortunately, by buying these ethically sourced beans you’re not only treating yourself, but the farmers who produce them, as we only work with ethically sourced beans that help our coffee farmers earn a decent living in good conditions.


We’ve managed to secure a microlot for you to enjoy at home. You’ll may also be pleased to hear it has notes of apple, melon and black tea, so if all the talk of crisp apples above made you want one, you’re sorted! You can order right now for next working day delivery (order before 2pm weekdays) or pop into store.

Obviously, whilst stocks last!