Coffee Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2022

Father’s Day comes around every year; we know when it is, but still, we act shocked when it's days away, and we haven't sourced that gift for dad yet.

This year we've decided to be organised and share some of our gifting wisdom with you... you can thank us later.

So, what to buy, dad? What do you get a handsome, wise, intelligent man (I wrote that in case my dad reads this) who already has every gadget, gizmo, and tool.

The gift of coffee that’s what every dad wants and needs. Here's our guide to coffee-related gifts for all kinds of dads.

Coffee Gift Box

Three amazing bags of beans all bundled together in this gift box. The box contains our signature espresso blend that we serve in all our coffee shops and two bags of guest beans. The coffee gift box is the perfect offering for dad.

Coffee Subscription

The coffee subscription is perfect; not only will he get to enjoy freshly roasted coffee delivered directly to his door, but every time he has a cup, he’ll be reminded that the favourite child brought it for him.

Choose se our 3, 6 or 12-month subscription; it's easy for dad to set up, and then all left for him to do is sit back and wait for his letterbox friendly package to drop on the mat. The bonus of this gift is that you’ll get a great cup of coffee every time you visit, making the coffee subscription a gift to all, not just dad. 

Barista School Vouchers 

Whether he's a big coffee geek or enjoys a cup or two and wants to learn more, our barista schools would be a perfect gift.

The Basic Barista Course covers loads of stuff for those just starting their coffee journey, from an introduction to the coffee industry, the journey from bean to cup, and then hands-on with coffee extraction, milk steaming, and a bit of latte art.

Everyone uses or has a cafetiere in the back of the cupboard collecting dust. The Home Brew Course will teach the art of making great coffee at home with simple equipment like the cafetiere, v60 dripper and AeroPress.

Other classes include the Intermediate Barista, designed for the enthusiast looking to get more experience and more profound knowledge of coffee. Finally, the Advanced Latte Art is aimed purely at skilled pro baristas or home enthusiasts who can already crack out a decent bit of latte art and now wants to level up their skill.

These courses would be an excellent gift for dad, but have you thought about doing it with him… a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, and the Barista Schools are the perfect battlefield. 

Coffee Shop Gift Vouchers 

Our vouchers can be redeemed in any of our seventeen coffee shops and are the best choice if dad likes to go out for a coffee and cake.

Great coffee, fresh food prepared daily, and he’ll probably need someone to go with (wink), so get dad that coffee shop gift voucher. 

Coffee Equipment 

Make sure dad has all the kit he needs to make a great cup of coffee at home. Everything from a one-off bag of fresh 200 Degrees coffee, some of the best and most stylish coffee machines available from Sage, home brewing equipment and loads of great 200 merchandise. Plenty to choose from, so get dads coffee equipment upgraded.