Eat us. Drink us. Now Wear us!

Two years.  That’s how long we’ve chatted about producing t-shirts for our loyal customers. It’s been a constant thought in the back of the minds of Tom and Rob, our two owners, as well as Emma our now Brand Manager who has apparently been a dripping tap.  2018 arrived, along with quite a bit of expansion at 200 that’s let us focus on some of these more exciting ideas, letting us get to grips with those long lustful clothing thoughts.

Hand made in the heart of Nottingham

The ball got rolling with our design agency and in the next breath myself and Emma were at the city centre printers watching the first two t-shirts ever produced for 200 Degrees come off the handmade screen-printing process in the heart of Nottingham.   

Thorough testing

Whipping my own top off and popping the new one straight on (wow it was warm) we did our quality and size checks.  Done.  Designs approved.  The first 120 were printed by the end of the next week in black and white designs. 


We’ve let the team have first dibs on getting their hands on one and now they’re available in store and online.  Grab your unique part of 200 today.