200 Experiences To Remember

Can you believe 200 Degrees Coffee has been in the coffee business for almost ten years?

There are some exciting things in store to celebrate this milestone, so keep your eyes and ears alert.

200 Degrees is many things to many people, a place to work, a place to meet loved ones, a place for first dates, a place for last dates, a place to laugh and a place to cry, a place to learn or a place to relax. 

Whatever the experience, we want to hear from you and collect 200 experiences to remember.

Need a little inspiration? I'll go first...

The first time I visited 200 Degrees coffee was on January 8th 2018. I have a terrible memory, but I remember this day as it was the day I met my family for one last coffee before jetting off to south-east Asia for my trip of a lifetime.

The day is a bit of a blur, but I remember the coffee tasting good and the brownie tasting delicious. I was so nervous; I had never been anywhere out of Europe, and to be honest, I never really spent too long away from my mum and brothers, there were so many reasons I could have thought of to stay, but they were way more reason why I should go.

It was going to be good for me, or that's what my mum told me as I sat in the corner of the coffee shop crying.

I gathered the polaroid pictures we'd taken that morning, put my rucksack on my back, which was the same size as me and off I went, a tummy full of coffee, cake and my heart full of love.

polaroids on the table

Well, you guessed it, I survived my trip, and after four months of seeing some of the most beautiful things in the world, I decided the things I wanted to see the most were right here in Nottingham, my family. 

Who would have thought that one month after returning, I would have an interview at the same coffee shop I sat sobbing in with my family, hoping they don't remember me because I'm not a pretty crier.

Fast forward four years to 2022, and I'm sitting writing my story working for a company for which I am very proud to work.

Well, that's my story, and now we want to hear yours. Please email our experiences to stories@200degs.com

I can't wait to read them.