Voltz & 200 - an electric duo

I’ve been meaning to meet Lee, co-founder of Voltz Bikes on Mansfield Road in Blidworth, Nottingham, for some time, but with so much coffee drinking on both sides it’s been hectic. I meet up with this charismatic entrepreneur (he hates that label) in one of our 200 Degrees Coffee shops and so starts an awe-inspiring conversation…

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It started with Electric Bikes

“Me and my brother brought each other an electric bike from Australia, but after a short two weeks we broke it!  Whilst getting it fixed, we met a guy who had a better one for less, so I offered him a budget and said can you make a better one. He did!”

Accessible Specialists

“We’ve been on TV 4 or 5 times now on programmes like the Gadget Show, giving us engagement with the industry which we realised was still in the dark ages.  Engaging in this specialist world is intimidating, we knew we could offer something different, something that could embrace everybody” Lee tell me.  I can see why working with Lee from a 200 perspective is an utter joy, our values are so similar. We want to make specialist coffee accessible to everyone as he makes specialist cycling accessible to everyone.

It’s electrifying (sorry it had to be said)

“I’m a coffee snob and wanted to support local, so I did a search around.  I like picking up the phone whilst it’s in my head and I called 200 Degrees Roasters, where Tim (200’s Coffee Solutions specialist) answered and as soon as he said “local” and “started roasting on a popcorn machine” I felt the authenticity. It was a perfect fit.”

Lee now has a coffee and machine solution, plus we helped him source furniture and other elements for his gorgeous coffee / bike shop experience.  He also benefits from the training available as an ongoing option.

Coffee and rental bikes at Voltz Thorsby Hall

Lee’s Thorsby business offers bike rentals in the relaxing countryside, where you can grab bike accessories and a slice of nature to go with your £3 coffee and cake deal.  Lee tells me “we’re on a good bike route so we get quite a lot of passers by coming in to sit and chill before getting on their way.”

Lee also acts as a rural outpost to buy 200 Degrees coffee, with it being available in both the store locations, a bonus for those in Thorsby where the nearest 200 is some distance away. 

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What do you drink at home?

“200 Degrees” was of course the answer, along with a Sage coffee machine (the Heston edition – what else). 

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