Tim Moss

Tim Moss

The Coffee guy

Coffee took me around the world. Seriously it did. Let’s start at the beginning, my first experience in the world of coffee (asides from drinking it obvs), was with a very famous high street coffee retailer. I joined them as a barista and had a training session with an Italian chap, whose passion, belief and creativity convinced me that the bean was indeed sacred.

The hook was in, this guy’s care and methodology was inspiring. From that point onwards I was determined to learn this trade and to get good at making coffee. My knowledge vastly expanded when I went out to New Zealand. I met a fellow traveler who taught me how to use a popcorn machine to roast my own beans. After a fair bit of trial and error and five melted popcorn machines later, I had my first drinkable roast, albeit with an aroma of melted plastic. How’s that for artisan coffee?

Seeing an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong ambition I bought a motorcycle. I traveled the islands of New Zealand and took in as many coffee shops as I could. My tastes were massively expanded and what before was an interest and a job, transformed into a passion and a vocation. Home was calling, and I found myself in Nottingham. Through my new job I met Rob and Tom, after a few cups of coffee, we realised that we were singing from the same hymn sheet. As I had managed to kill 12 popcorn machines, we invested in a roaster, and 200 Degrees was born. We had some good roasts, some bad ones and some downright ugly ones. But, care, attention, passion and sheer love of what we were doing, enabled us to create our house blend, Brazilian Love Affair. We tested it, tweaked it and eventually managed to consistently turn out a rich blend that works on so many levels. One roastery, two cafés, a wholesale operation and one website later here I am, the 200 Degrees Coffee guy.

Why do I love coffee? Well, it is simple, I don’t keep 9-5 hours, I work hard ensuring that we keep the standards up, and that involves being creative with some quite amazing, like-minded people. You could call it work, but the way I see it, I don’t have a job I have a life. All thanks to those little brown beans.