Panama Boquete

Single Origin Arabica

Region: Boquete

Farm: Garridos Estates

Varietal: Various, including caturra, catuai, typica & geishas

Altitude: 1500-1750m

Process: Hand picked, washed, sun & mechanical drying

Tasting notes: Raspberry/ Peanut/ Aromatic

The Boquete region has perfect conditions for growing high quality coffees. The coffee growers in Panama recognized these facts decades ago.

This family owned business focuses on specialty coffee, with dedicated members of the family & collaborators who carefully oversee all the aspects of the administration, farm, varietals, process, etc.

Amongst its cultivars are caturra, catuai, typica, geishas & more. The overall cupping notes distinctive to the terroir include chocolates & citrus with a floral, herbal, fruit & cream character enriched with a juicy, sweet & silky flavour & after taste.

All of their coffees are handpicked.



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