Ethiopia Wegida Blue Washed

Single Origin Arabica

Medium Roast

Altitude: 1900-2300m

Location: Kochere & Shakiso, Yirgacheffe

Process: Washed

Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom

Tasting: Dried fruit / rum / chocolate biscuit

Wegida Blue is made up of a selection of Grade 1 microlots from 650 farmers around the Wegida river in Yirgacheffe, each bringing the vibrant character of Ethiopian coffee to the table in distinct ways. The result is a unique cup which captures everything we love about Ethiopian coffee in one signature profile: intensely floral, citric, juicy and sweet.

Over a number of years the region has developed a distinguised reputation for fine coffees, producing some of the most sought-after microlots in the world. The combination of high altitude, fertile soil, consistent and plentiful rains, and an abundance of local knowledge are all vcontributing factors to the high status of Yirgacheffe coffees.


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