Equador La Chorora - 100g

Equador La Chorora - 100g


100g bag. Roasted on Tuesday and Thursdays.

The first in a series of experimental roasts LIMITED EDITION 01, a true connoisseur coffee experience that’s completely different to anything you've drunk ever before.

Our ‘La Chorora’ coffee features some of the finest beans in Ecuador, hand roasted by our isolating artisans in England to bring out full flavours of intense fruit, cinnamon and cherry liqueur.

And whilst this may seem a strange time to launch what is, without doubt, our most expensive coffee ever, we like to think it’s a chance to treat yourself to the best coffee we’ve ever made in what is currently the most exclusive coffee shop in the world, your lounge.

We'll be roasting it 50 grams at a time in our incredibly chic Ikawa Roaster on Tuesdays and Thursdays, about mid-morning, and we’ll only roast only 30kg before Limited Edition 01 is gone forever.

** BAG SIZE IS 100g ** Recommended to be brewed with a filter method rather than espresso. 

In a process almost unique to this coffee the whole cherries are fermented using a technique developed at French vineyards known as “Carbonic Maceration”. Both oxygen free and yeast free, this fermentation process creates a distinct and intense flavour profile not found in other coffee.

Read more about the farm and fermentation process on our blog here.

Recommended to be brewed with a filter method rather than espresso. 

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