1kg Espresso Beans - LIMITED STOCK

1kg Espresso Beans - LIMITED STOCK

£25.00 £16.00

(Please note that these beans may be slightly older than we would normally sell,as it is stock left over due us having to close our shops. However, nothing is more than 4 weeks old, and a lot will be roasted more recently than that.)


This offer is for 1kg of whole bean  Brazilian Love Affair espresso beans, the perfect match to use in a Sage coffee machine!

Sorry, but we can't currently offer to grind this stock as it is already bagged. 

(Please note that some bags may be labelled as "Made in Wales" as they were roasted in our shop in Cardiff, where we roast in-store to the same recipe as in Nottingham)

Due to the limited stock of these items, we may not be able to fulfil all orders. We will offer alternatives where possible, but full refunds will be given if we cannot complete an order. 

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