meet the team

200 Degrees are a group of like-minded people brought together by a love of coffee. The company started as a two bar owners looking for the ‘perfect cup of coffee’ for their customers. After trying big companies with consistently dull blends and small roasters with inconsistently good ones, it seemed the easiest way to get what we wanted was to roast our own.

This led us to setting up a small roasting operation in 2012 which became 200 Degrees. Our roast house is situated on the banks of the River Trent in Nottingham and from here we supply our own coffee shops and a wide range of bars, hotels, restaurants, cafés and conference centres across the UK. Our team, like our beans, are hand-picked and full of caffeine.

The owners:
Tom Vincent & Rob Darby


Rob and Tom met while studying engineering and real ale at the University of Nottingham. Rob’s first thought after graduation was to travel from the UK to Australia by bicycle, this proved more difficult and far less exciting than he thought and interest soon waned. Tom undertook a PhD in ‘something to do with composite materials’ that proved to be just as difficult but even less interesting.

Shunning the glamour of a career in engineering they launched headlong into the hospitality industry and their progression over the following 15 years covers a portfolio of packed student pubs, late-night cocktail hangouts, stylish suburban bars, and polite garden centre cafes.

Fast forward to 2012 and the 200 Degrees concept was born supplying beans and machines to a wide range of cafes, delis, bars, pubs and restaurants. The flagship 200 Degrees Coffee Shop and Barista School in October 2014 to rave reviews, hoards of wonderful customers and one or two award ceremonies.