Los Nubarrones, Nicaragua

Taste Notes: Chocolate, Tea & Floral

End of line sale - roasted on 31st October. 

This Nicaraguan coffee is a smooth operator, sweet and full-bodied. It’s a really lovely coffee, the like of which we’ve not had at 200 Degrees for a while. Brew a cup to indulge in the beautiful combination of dark chocolate, black tea and floral taste notes.

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Whole Bean
Ground for Cafetiere
Ground for Filter / Aeropress
Ground for Espresso
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In 2015, sisters Ana and Martha, the third generation of their family-run coffee business, realised that the prices paid for coffee cherries in the region were too low and they set up their own dry-mill to join forces with local farmers. They assist them in coping with the changing environmental conditions and the requirements of the world markets while preserving the best of their traditional farming culture.

Team Recommendation

Dinesh, Head Barista at our Colmore Row shop in Birmingham, I love the slightly spiced flavour. I’ve been making it at home with an Aero Press; if you don’t have one of those, I can recommend any other filter method. The filter method brings out sharper, cleaner flavours and body.


This coffee was grown on farms in the Ocotal region close to the border with Honduras. Specialty Coffee from this region of Nicaragua is a commodity of high quality and with singular profiles and tastes. The micro-climates are responsible for less sharp variations in temperatures, abundant clear water, and a reliable amount of sunshine which results in an excellent maturation process of the coffee fruit year after year.

Cafetiere/French Press

-17g coffee (coarse grind) 
-300g water 
-Total brew time 4 minutes 
-Coffee to water ratio: 1:17 

1. Pre heat/rinse French press with hot water then discard the water 
2. Place French press on scales and tare 
3. Add 17g coffee to the French press 
4. Start timer and pour 50g water onto the coffee grounds 
5. At 30 seconds pour in another 250g water and stir three times 
6. Add plunger to top of the French press and brew up to 4 minutes on the timer 
7. At 4 minutes, gently plunge the French press 
8. Serve into pre heated cups & enjoy


-15g coffee (medium grind) 
-250g water 
-Total brew time 3-3 1/2 minutes 
-Coffee to water ratio 1:16/17 
1. Fold filter along the crease and place in the V60 
2. Saturate the filter paper with hot water to ensure there’s no papery taste from the filter 
3. Place V60 and vessel onto the scales and tare 
4. Add 15g coffee to the v60 and tare scales again 
5. Start timer and add 50g water going in smooth, circular motions working from the centre outwards (avoid pouring your water onto the filter paper at this point) 
6. At 30 seconds add another 50g water 
7. Continue to add 50g water every 30 seconds until you reach 250g 
8. Gently swirl the V60 then let stand until all the water has passed through. This should be achieved between 3-3 1/2 minutes 
Tip: If the water passes through before 3 minutes then you will need a finer grind size. If the water takes longer than 3 1/2 minutes to pass through then you will need a coarser grind size.


-18-19g coffee (fine grind)
-Espresso yield 36-40g
-Extraction time: 30-35 seconds
-Coffee to water ratio 1:2

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