within the next few years, the barista will be as revered as the chef.

There's a science to the art coffee, and we can teach it. So if you want to learn how to make coffee like a true pro or go up to the next level of skill, why not take a barista class at 200 Degrees?

We have four Barista Schools in the UK and it’s here that our coffee gurus pass on their knowledge. Our first is above the coffee shop in Nottingham, housed in a quaint 16th Century inn but kitted out with state of the art equipment. The second is in the Victorian hotel basement on Colmore row in Birmingham. Leeds and Cardiff are home to our most recent schools.

We run a range of barista courses covering everything from home brewing methods, through to how to operate a professional espresso machine and advanced latte art. It’s an informal and informative way to learn how to make a great coffee at home with your 200 Degrees Coffee beans or grinds.