intermediate barista

Intermediate Barista Class

Aimed at the enthusiast looking to get more experience and a deeper knowledge of coffee.

We begin the class by diving in with espresso; what it is, why is it still so important in the coffee world and how can we manipulate a particular blend to achieve different flavour profiles. Then, moving on to practising some essential grinding, distribution and dosing techniques to achieve that perfect espresso with professional consistency.

The second half of the session focuses on milk, beginning with a detailed look at what milk actually is and what happens to it when we use heat to introduce texture. Achieving perfect microfoam is key, not only to the quality of your drinks, but also to begin introducing latte art which we will cover in this section.

This class costs £85 per person. Completion of the Basic Barista Class is not required, however prior knowledge/experience is essential.


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Basic Barista

Our Basic Barista Class is aimed at both the home enthusiast who wants to increase their knowledge and skills, and for those who are or wish to work within the hospitality industry. You do not need any specific prior knowledge to participate in and enjoy this class, and it is presented in an informal and relaxed style with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and practice your new found skills.


Home Brew Coffee

The Home Brew Coffee Class will guide you through all the geeky details of the most popular homebrew kit. You will learn all about a V60 Dripper, Aeropress and how to get the best out of your cafetiere. We will talk about how the coffee is processed, which coffee works best for each preparation and the brew methods & recipes we recommend.


Intermediate Barista

For the enthusiast looking to get more experience and a deeper knowledge of coffee, we begin this class by looking in depth as to how to manipulate your espresso extraction. This is followed by a focus on steaming milk, producing microfoam and an introduction to latte art.


Advanced Latte Art

This class is aimed at the skilled professional barista or home enthusiast, looking to move forward with their latte art skills, including how to achieve that perfect microfoam every time. We also cover essential techniques for pouring the perfect heart, tulip and Rosetta with tips for symmetry, definition and contrast.