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You've a shiny new Sage machine ready to start making coffee, but you need quality beans to make those quality coffees.

Thank goodness we have the answer. 

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That'll leave a good taste in your month.  

it's easy;

  1. Grab your code from your Sage Supplier
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How it works

Your code will work only once, and is unique to yourself for purchasing a Sage machine from one of our preferred suppliers.

You'll need to choose your coffee choice and enter your payment details and code to claim the offer.

If you continue your order after you've recieved your first three bags, you'll be charged the standard cost of your order at full price.  

By setting up an account you will be added to our mailing list where we will send you relevant product and service information, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

The fun small print


You must have a valid and unused code, which is only supplied when you have purchased a new sage machine from a preffered supplier. 


The following applies:

(1) Choose the type of beans and how they are processed out of the current product range.  This can also be changed in your online account.

(2) An online account will be needed to enter the code to recieve the free coffee, along with personal data required to provide the service.

Opening/Closing Date & Time

The offer is eligible for 60 days after purchase of your Sage machine. 



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